Italy favourites        

Tilted horizons due to steep terrain or rocking boats, a plethora of shots down narrow, shadowy alleys being a tad overdone, clich├ęd subjects such as the Colosseum or Leaning Tower, power cables across the middle of frame, swarms of tourists crowding out the subject, and many subjects being closed during the best light early in the mornings disqualified most photos from being considered much good. These are the ones I am most happy with.

Punta Carena lighthouse, Capri, Bay of Naples.

Manarola, one of the five lands (Cinque Terre) of the Ligurian coast in the north west of Italy.

Church of St Peter, Porto Venere just south of the Cinque Terre.

San Giorgio Maggiore Island from St Marks, Venice.

A deserted Ponto Rialto - early morning Venice. Photo: Chris.

A timeless shot from Bruce.